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Restoring the territory

tratto dal vecchio blog 08 marzo 2017

Dear Friends of Arcadia,

 going back to live the territory again means to start a journey, a walk in space and time knowing where you started but not where you will end up… It is such an exciting adventure!Just like in a treasure hunt, the real prize comes step after step, along that same way… made of encounters,deceptions, victories, dead ends and signs that all together help us keep walking on the good path!

So, what brought us here, in this little corner of Romagna, on the border with the Marche region?
What’s the story of this medioeval town, Saludecio, and of the hilltop where we are going to live?
We started to ask the Genius Loci (from latin, The guardian spirit of a place)in order to know the vocation of this territory, to discover how its people and its culture lived for centuries here… 
This journey developed between cartographies and historical real estate registries, archives and libraries to look for the Spirit of the place. Not only that! Most of the time, it is people we meet on the road who give us information without almost realizing it!
So, we found out that the original structure of the house dates back to the early 1800s and that probably it was Basilio Albini, forefather of the historical family who owned several buildings in Saludecio, who wanted its construction.
Since then, many stories contributed to the history of this farm and of its heart shaped land…
In the second half of 1900, many agriculturers, breeders and farmers worked this land until it fell in a complete state of abandon for almost thirty years! 
Going back in time, at the end of 1200, something, or rather somebody, had already put the seed for growth in this place. Not far from our house, a mystic, a farmer and pilgrim started to give hospitality to whoever was in need… and since then, he always kept his house door open.
If being a pilgrim means going “per agros”, from the latin walking in the fields, opening new paths and new visions… then maybe the purpose of this place is really this one!
And we are only at the beginning of our wander…