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winter promises

tratto dal vecchio blog 02 gennaio 2017

Dear friends, 

one of the good purposes of the new year is to write some posts in english so more people around the world can read about us and connection can be easier. 

 You will forgive me if my english is not so correct, I’m trying to do the best!

It’ winter time at Villaggio Arcadia but we never stop!

We are carrying on with the renovation of the ancient house in bricks and stones and we are planting trees and shrubbery to create the base of the food forest and for the hedges.
To follow natural rhythms is interesting, especially in this part of the year since everything is sleeping and you have to take care and facilitate the conditions for the Spring awakening.
Sowing in late autumn is just an act of faith: you prepare the soil, put the seed, cover it and just wait for the next season…
I take a great teaching from this natural fact: put your good intention in the right direction, then leave it and trust since you can’t control everything!For sure something will die, something will survive and grow…as our ideas and plans!

Winter energies are more oriented to the inside, life is hidden in the depth of soil, so we slow down a little bit: it’s time to study, to research about the place, to plan for the future…but also to take time for ourselves, to feed our spirit.

Best wishes for this 2017 to all the friends around the world; let’s stay in touch and share experience!